how to earn money thru online!

How to earn money using internet?


There are many things you can do to earn using the internet by searching for different kinds of skills and working as a freelancer.

I know a lot of people may think it is hard to find useful tools how to earn money online but ill give you different ways how to do it.

  1. affiliate marketing
  2. social media marketing
  3. ads
  4. make your own courses.
  5. vlogging

Affiliate marketing

so maybe you are familiar with this but you don’t know where to start ill guide you with it.

If you leave in asia you can use this website INVOLVE ASIA just click the name of the company and start register your account make sure you already created a facebook page for you to start and get accepted to Involve asia.

Social Media Marketing

you can learn it thru watching it on youtube and when you done watching different video’s regarding how to start in social media marketing you need to have a upwork account you are just gonna make content and schedule it and advertise it sometimes.


You can do learn it with facebook blue print and google skillshop just search for it and you can also watch it how professionals optimize the advertising and targeting the campaign for your clients.

make your own courses

After you learn a skills you can actually sell it and be a tutor for the people who wants to learn how to be come freelancer etc.


it will takes time for you to create a brand for this cuz you need to do this full time and need to edit photo for your thumbnail and video for your vlog there are a lot of different kind of vlog you can do like tech, vlog to yourself, gaming, food, travel and more.

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